The Universe Has Your Back

A few of my successful, ambitious, "have it all together" friends recommended this book so I thought it would be a great read while I was recovering from my surgery. I really enjoyed it and found Gabrielle Bernstein inspiring. My only negative from the book is I felt it was a bit repetitious (but sometimes we need things beaten into us, right?) and she cited the work "A Course in Miracles" so many times I often wondered if I should have read it first. It is a work that I was not familiar with but have looked into it and may soon have it on my to do list.

I really liked the way Gabby uses real life examples from her own experiences in explaining both her methodology and applications of it. My favorite is when she uses examples of her own shortcomings and how she has to take herself back to the "Holy Instant" and come back to love. She reminds us that this mindset is not a destination but rather a journey and therefore it becomes a lifestyle not an achievement. My copy is full of underlined text and notes in the margin, my first step to applying her spiritual path to my own.