Show Time

Did you know that if you watch 3 hours of TV a night that in one year it would be the equivalent of working a full time, 40 hour a week job for almost 7 months?! 2 hours a night would be almost 5 months of working a full-time job. Just 1 hour a night? Over 2 months of working that full-time job.

While everyone loves a good show from time to time, I constantly hear friends, especially mom friends, complaining that they don’t have time to do anything. Many of these same people are into watching a lot of shows. They talk about them and they post about them and I’ve even seen some posts where you would think the show was the person’s own life they were so consumed by it.

How much TV do you watch nightly? Weekly? Be truly honest with yourself. Look at the number of hours! Now ask yourself: what am I getting out of these shows? Again, be truly honest with yourself. Are these shows fulfilling your heart? Are these shows contributing to the person you want to be? Or the person you dreamed to be when you were a child? How are these shows creating the best version of you? Are they really worth all the time spent watching?

Now ask yourself: What is a goal I want to accomplish? What is something your heart is missing? What would fulfill you? What passions or dreams have you not pursued? And the excuse of time has probably been the answer over and over as to why you haven’t achieved them. Or even started for that matter. But there is time.

Think about what gets accomplished in just one month at a full-time job. Two months? Six months? Think about what you could accomplish by dedicating all of that TV time to doing! How much more fulfilled will you be when you accomplish your goal versus completing another season of shows? Whose lives will you touch and inspire along your journey? How much more rewarding will it be to tell your grandchildren about your path rather than your couch and show time? And thinking long term, what will you be remembered for?

Some intentional time (I like early mornings) each day with Jesus and prayer will really get your head and heart connected and help you live intentionally. With purpose. Fulfilled. Focus on what matters. Confidence to reach your goals. Now what are you waiting for? Turn that TV off and start achieving your life purpose now! What do you want to accomplish?