Girl's Weekend

Originally posted 3-31-17 on

I just returned from a fabulous girl’s weekend in the Bahamas with some of my oldest besties! My four roommates from college and I were finally able to make schedules jive and put a getaway on the calendar! We don’t talk to each other, daily, weekly, or sometimes even monthly but the second we met up at the airport it was like we had not spent a day apart. We picked right up where we had left off. Not one of us has changed a bit. While we may be different people now in our new lives as wives, moms, and career women, we quickly reverted back to the fun loving, carefree college girls out to have a good time and share a lot of laughs.

As soon as we landed, our first stop was my personal Bahamas favorite, Sip Sip! If heaven came in the form of lunch, this would be it! Lobster quesadillas to die for, a goombay smash, and an unparalleled view of pink sand beaches and clear water for miles. We enjoyed the afternoon sitting on that beach (with a few more cocktails) and just reminisced and caught up with each other.

The laughs were never ending all weekend. From the guy at Sip Sip in his “Skinny men are sexier” tee shirt to Sarah facetiming her husband late night and him telling her “just to email him” to my “stop, drop, and roll” in an attempt to walk in tall wedges on uneven gravel. It was just one funny after another, just like old times.

New friends can be hard to find as you get older. It is so refreshing to sit back with girls you can just be yourself with, unload the concerns in your life, and get fresh perspective (that is honest and in your best interest)! On the same hand, it is uplifting to be able to reciprocate the same back to people you truly love and care about. Even though we were enjoying a beautiful venue, fabulous food, and one too many fruity cocktails, the company is what truly made the trip unforgettable.

Customs may have taken the conch salad I tried to bring back but nothing can take the wonderful memories we made that weekend! We are all busy but it is worth it to make a girl’s weekend with your oldest besties a top priority! I can’t wait for us to make it happen again!