Focus on Peace

Has someone ever done something to you that made you think “How could anyone do that?” It usually accompanies someone doing something hurtful to you that is unjustified; their actions are just an attempt to deflect the truth. Well, I recently made this exact statement to a friend of mine. A very wise friend that has been through her share of difficult circumstances. Her response made perfect sense though: “If you don’t have those actions in your mental capacity you will drive yourself crazy trying to figure it out. You have to keep a hold of the good in the world and spread joy and light.”

I recently had something happen that caused me (and my friends) to ask the question “why would anyone do that?” But I knew I couldn’t put myself in this person’s shoes and think like her because I am not capable of that. I have learned that a heart fueled by pride, greed, and selfish ambition becomes an angry and bitter heart. An angry, bitter, black heart wants to bring down and destroy the pure and joyful heart. After all, isn’t that Satan’s mission?

The black heart will attempt to provoke in a way to make you look like the evil one. They will spread lies about you, slander you, even do malicious actions against you all in an effort to provoke you to lash out and become the evil one so that they can become the victim. They will lead an agenda to turn family and friends against you, to make you appear as the outcast.

We must forgive people such as these and pray for their change of heart. But there is no room for the toxicness of evil in our lives. So, we must simply, just walk away. And focus on truth. Focus on joy. Focus on peace.